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acclimating before you get there

How does acclimation happen before arrival? To what extent can exposure to place B, which was colonized by place A, acclimate you to place A? To what extent can having one good friend from either A or B accomplish the same thing? What about reading a lot of A’s novels, or just a bunch of academic articles about A’s language? For the godawful umpteenth time, what about the mass media? Continue reading

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on becoming intelligible

Too startled to get my bearings, weary from a sleepless night (and confounded by my own overconfidence in preparing to order), I simply took and ate the ham muffin. It was alright, but I really did want that bagel. I was perplexed at what had just happened, and yet this was only the beginning of many reminders I was about to get that I was no longer living in the perceptual landscape of California English. Continue reading

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