english to english

This: http://english2english.tumblr.com/

(h/t Stephanie Shih)


It had me at its header (the grey bridge theme). So simple! So clever! The posts themselves range from silly to linguistically insightful, the latter being the kind of things I might use for teaching purposes (like Kara Becker’s page of artifacts; also Lynne Murphy’s blog, on the off chance you’re not already familiar with it).

One thing I like is how the Canadians sometimes enter the picture (cf. “In hospital” versus “In the hospital”) as if they, themselves, are the bridge. I know it’s massively oversimplified, but I’m fond of saying that Canada is what the US would look like if we’d lost that one war; that “Happy 4th of July” amounts to “Thank God we’re not Canada.” (Yes, they love me at the July 4th parties…)

Anyway, I suggest you now leave my blog and go check it out!


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