Promoting undergraduate research: A new journal!

Bizarrely, I’m a sociolinguist because of an undergraduate research opportunity at the University of Arizona called UBRP. It’s still going on now, although they probably haven’t had any linguists in awhile! Even when I was part of the program, it was odd to be a linguist, let alone a sociolinguist; most students were in the biological sciences. You can read more about my experience here (the text comes from Stephanie Shih‘s ‘Snapshot of the Field‘ project).

In short, I entirely attribute my career to the experience of undergraduate research, and so I hold research opportunities for undergraduate students in the highest regard. It is in that spirit that I have this week launched the first issue of a new online journal dedicate to undergraduate research:

Lifespans & Styles: Undergraduate Working Papers on Intraspeaker Variation

As you can see, both the journal topic and the author type are quite narrow in scope. For more information on the inspiration and rationale for the journal, please see my editorial.

The current aim is to publish one issue a year, with an unlimited number of papers per issue. If you know an undergraduate or a recently-graduated undergraduate who has produced a compelling study of intraspeaker variation, please encourage them to revise their paper for journal submission. Every (first) author will be asked to peer review another paper for the same volume, and authors are asked to commit fully to a peer review and post-review revision process. The submission and style guidelines are available here.


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3 Responses to Promoting undergraduate research: A new journal!

  1. alew says:

    Nice. Does your university offer access to the Open Journal System for free to faculty to start their own journals?

    • alew says:

      I use the Open Journal System for a publication related to the International Geographical Union, but we need to pay for it. 😦

  2. vocalised says:

    Oh really? That’s too bad, we are really lucky that we get to use the OJS for free, and students can do so, too. And the support from the IT/Library staff is really, really excellent.

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