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How does a 2-year-old remember a funny accent after many months?

This is for you, NWAV44! The biggest annual conference in variationist sociolinguistics, NWAV, is taking place right now in Toronto. There was a time in my life when I would’ve never missed an NWAV, but this is the second year in a … Continue reading

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How Accents Work

I wrote the following article by request from the Ragged University, who will be hosting my upcoming talk at the Counting House on the evening of 11 September. The basic idea behind the Ragged Project is what some call ‘knowledge exchange’ … Continue reading

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Place Identity

One of my current research projects can be summed up by something I tweeted this morning: A sociophonetician is the kind of linguist who cares about BOTH kinds of place identity. I’ve been invited to speak in a couple months … Continue reading

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