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Sesame Street does Sociophonetics

“Rosita doesn’t want to speak, ever again! She doesn’t like the way she sounds. She says she sounds different.” — Big Bird   Today I happened upon an episode of Sesame Street that’s all about sociolinguistics. The vignette touches on sociophonetic variation, bilingualism, ethnicity, … Continue reading

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Promoting undergraduate research: A new journal!

Bizarrely, I’m a sociolinguist because of an undergraduate research opportunity at the University of Arizona called UBRP. It’s still going on now, although they probably haven’t had any linguists in awhile! Even when I was part of the program, it … Continue reading

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2011 Retrospective

I’m inspired by Rachel Cotterill’s recent post to take this moment to reflect on the past twelve months. I told Jefferson that I’d try to balance this post between work-related events and personal ones, and he suggested I just do … Continue reading

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… Whilst Schneider’s work suggests various explanations for this phenomenon … … Reggae music and its use of Dread Talk whilst fighting the system it became a part of … … But if you omit the second PP whilst altering … Continue reading

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Turban Jones meets Oxford English

When I was in college at the University of Arizona I was in a ska band called Turban Jones. I played the tenor saxophone. Turban Jones pretty much defined my social life from Fall 1998 to Spring 2001. We practiced and composed songs during the week and then gigged on the weekend, sometimes every weekend, sometimes several nights in a row, sometimes during the middle of the week (at one point we had a standing Tuesday night gig at a local New Orleans-themed bar, which is where we were, playing to a skeleton audience, the night Bush won the 2000 election). When I joined I had no idea what ska was. Continue reading

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